Illuminate Your Austin, TX Home

Illuminate Your Austin, TX Home

Discover the possibilities of home and landscape lighting installation services

Any electrical repair company can replace bulbs and ballasts. Pritchard Electric, LLC of Austin, Texas offers comprehensive home and landscape lighting installation services. We can install, upgrade or replace any lighting feature inside or outside your home.

Increase your home’s security by adding motion sensor lighting outdoors. Beautify your yard with a landscape lighting installation. Modernize your home with wall sconce lighting installation. Make coming home after dark safer with a lighting control system. If any part of your home’s lighting system isn’t meeting your needs, call 512-252-4699 today.

Start planning a lighting service upgrade

One of the most effective ways to upgrade your home’s lighting is through a lighting control system installation. This lighting service allows you to control a range of lighting fixtures—indoors and outdoors—from a single device. Combine this with other lighting controls, like dimmers and timers, and you’ll have a complete lighting safety system.

Talk to a lighting service technician in Austin, TX if you want to:

  • Upgrade or retrofit your current lighting
  • Install track, accent or recessed lighting
  • Replace outdated kitchen and bathroom lighting

We can even set up holiday lighting. Contact Pritchard Electric today to update your home’s lighting quickly, safely and affordably.