Protect Your Assets With an Electrical Safety Inspection

Protect Your Assets With an Electrical Safety Inspection

Set up commercial safety services in Austin, TX

Commercial properties use far more electricity than the average home. Because your building is using high levels of energy, you need regular safety inspections. Pritchard Electric, LLC’s electrical safety inspection team will survey your facility and note any electrical problems.

You can also take advantage of our energy-saving upgrades and energy management systems.

Keep your property, tenants and workers safe. Call right away to schedule an electrical safety inspection in the Austin, Texas area.

Offering commercial electrical services and maintenance work

Regular electrical maintenance is your key to operating a safe commercial property that can keep up with ever-changing energy needs. Pritchard Electric offers commercial electrical services contracts to property owners of Austin, TX.

We can install, troubleshoot and repair:

  • Interior lighting systems
  • Supplemental power sources
  • Security lighting
  • Emergency power sources
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Underground electrical systems

Commercial and industrial equipment often requires professional installation and electrical hookups. If you’re upgrading your appliances or business machinery, let us know.

To set up a commercial electrical services contract, call 512-252-4699 now.